Our Team

Katie Dunn- Cake Designer and Executive Decorator

Katie has been decorating and designing cakes for over 15 years. Growing up in Ft.Calhoun, Nebraska, Katie was unique in her love of art and pursuit of artistic excellence, winning multiple awards with a variety of artistic mediums. She discovered a new outlet for her talent when she began working at a bakery. She has won regional awards and national recognition for her work before becoming executive decorator at Butterfly Bakery. Katie delights in making people smile through fun cakes for their parties. Her specialty is vintage, boho looking cakes and food themed cakes.

Jessica Misner-Cake Wizard

Jessica has a background in fine art as a painter and a sculptor. She has applied her aesthetic talents to cakes for more than 10 years becoming a real master of the art. She specializes in using fondant, making sculpted and 3D cakes, and working with decorative airbrush techniques. She has considered herself an artist her whole life and is inspired by creativity itself. Jessica is also an exquisite jewler and you can check out her latest creations in her https://www.etsy.com/shop/OpalandVervain

Pat Rodriguez Executive Chef
Pat is from Genoa Nebraska. She is a incredibly talented baker and prides herself on her speed and perfectionism. Master of the kitchen she has been in the industry for 12 years. In her spare time she loves playing games, listening to Harry Potter and doing diamond art. We are lucky to have such a BA lady!