Best Of The Bars!

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Our Best if the Bars collection features four of our 6” long  top selling brownies and bars:

Double Fudge!!

Key Lime Bars!!

Salted Caramel brownie is made with caramel chips baked into our super fudge brownie frosted with our 55% ganache frosting and drizzled with caramel sauce sea salt and crunchy pearls.

Our Old fashioned Lemon bars are a favorite that you just must try to fall in love. 
Next is our Cosmic Fudge brownie that also has the ganache frosting.

Last but not least is our Cookie Dough Brownie that it’s hard to decide whether the brownie or the frosting is better!!!  

*Same Day Pick up or Delivery must be placed by 9 am. We have most pastries available in the shop on a regular basis and will fill each order as quickly as possible without compromising quality. All pastries are made from scratch with love and with artistic expression so they might not look exactly the same as pictured. You are welcome to specify details and we will do our best to accommodate however we will do our best to deliver an amazing product and will differ back to the original description. If needed before dates available online please call us at the shop 4024990620 during regular business hours. 10am-2pm Tuesday-Friday or Saturday 10am-2pm or email us at